Fitness isn’t just physical – it’s mental, too. More than that – the brain is an organ, so there’s no difference. A good workout carries just as much of a cognitive load as any “intellectual” challenge, and getting your body in shape means getting your brain in shape. That’s why so many athletes are turning to nootropics, and so should you. 

How Can Nootropics Boost Physical Performance During Workouts?

“Nootropics” comes from two Greek words “noos” (meaning mind) and “tropein” (meaning towards). The ancient roots of the word speak to a desire to improve human performance, both mentally and physically, that has always accompanied the human condition. Wanting to be better is part of being human.

Nootropics were originally designed to enhance cognitive function. However, athletes and bodybuilders use nootropics to improve their workout sessions. They help by stimulating the following mental and physical traits:

  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Energy and Intensity (Stress resistance)
  • Mind-body connection

For those seeking a more productive workout session, supplements with nootropic ingredients stimulate cognitive function and drive peak performance in the gym.

20 Best Pre-Workout Supplements With Nootropics

Nootropics are highlighted under some of the supplements below to help readers better understand the ingredients in pre-workout nootropic supplements. The descriptions below are brief descriptions of various pre-workout supplements with nootropic ingredients. further research can help athletes choose the supplement that would work best for their fitness goals and needs.

1. Shifted Premium

Shifted Premium is one of the best pre workout supplements on the market according to several rankings. This supplement has the following nootropic ingredients:

  • Alpha-GPC
  • Caffeine
  • L Citrulline
  • Taurine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Theanine
  • Rhodiola Rosea

For those new to nootropics, this pre-workout product can make a significant difference to mental focus, calmness, clarity, mood, well-being and overall drive. Those who have tried the product appreciate the way it boosts the brain and enhances performance while increasing energy levels without any jitters. Shifted Premium gives you a mental edge without the downsides of traditional pre-workouts.

The potent ingredients in Premium help give you an edge in whatever activity you engage in whether it’s gaming, lifting or sports. Some even suggest using it as an afternoon energy drink with added nootropic benefits. The Shifted brand has made a big splash for its quality product and is has a growing fan base around the fitness world.

2. Hooligan (Apollon Nutrition)

Hooligan (Apollon Nutrition) has L-Tyrosine, Lion’s Mane, Alpha GPC, Caffeine, and Rhodiola Rosea. This is one of the best pre workout supplements for those who want additional energy and endurance in their workouts.

Do brain enhancers really work? Hooligan from Apollon Nutrition is widely known as a well formulated supplement loaded with nootropic ingredients. like many other pre-workout supplements, it contains stimulants too help athletes maintain their energy level throughout their fitness routine.

Apollon Nutrition is also known for Assassin and Chaos, which also contained nootropics. The brand continues to excel and gain wide acceptance for its pre-workout supplements.

3. Brain Blitz (Phase One Nutrition)

Phase One Nutrition produces one of the best pre workout supplements. Brain Blitz feeds the brain, and these nootropic supplements contain several nootropic ingredients, such as Alpha-GPC. Caffeine, L Citrulline, and L-Theanine. This pre workout supplement uses nootropic ingredients to boost focus. Stay in the moment and maximize your reps and curls with this product.

According to Web MD, ingredients like L-theanine can help enhance performance and take the edge off stimulants. L-theanine complements caffeine by reducing the jitteriness that sometimes comes along with consuming caffeine. Supplements with caffeine and L-theanine may help boost concentration during physical activity such as circuit training that includes multi-tasking. Drinking green tea could also boost an athlete’s level of L-theanine.

4. Brain Waves (Black Magic Supply)

Black Magic Supply’s Brain Waves is one of the best pre workout supplements. It stands out among nootropic supplements for its concentration of Alpha-GPC, Lion’s Mane, Cat’s Claw, Caffeine and L Theanine.

The product description describes it as a “Gas station energy drink killa!” With this boast, the company describes the product’s contribution to added focus and energy when taken as part of your pre workout routine. This product has handcrafted ingredients that connect your mind and body and aim to make your workout results more magical every day.

Athletes take Black Magic to reduce mid-routine brain fog and crashes. Beginners can start out with half a dose to get used to the extreme concentration. A full dose helps users stay focused throughout their routine on a regular basis.

Brain Waves contains Alpha GPC which the brain also produces naturally. This ingredient triggers acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter that takes part in muscular control, cognition and memory. The nootropic Alpha GPC navigates the blood-brain barrier quickly and provides the same benefits in supplements as in natural sources, which include spinach, milk, cod fish and eggs.

5. Skywalk (Myoblox)

Skywalk Pre-Workout

Myoblox produces one of the industry’s best nootropic supplements. What are nootropic supplements and why should anyone use them? Pre-workout supplements such as Skywalk boost focus and help those focused on fitness zero in on each exercise and make it through an entire workout routine without giving in to fatigue and brain fog.

Skywalk has the following nootropic ingredients:

  • Alpha-GPC
  • Caffeine
  • L Tyrosine
  • Vitamin B6 and B12

Give Skywalk a try and let us know what you think!

6. C4 Original Pre-Workout Powder (Cellucor)

C4 Original Pre-Workout Powder from Cellucor has one of the best nootropic supplements in powder form. What are nootropic supplements good for lifting and cardio? C4 and similar product contains powerful nootropics that help consumers stay focus and manage stress during a rigorous routine. The C4 ingredients that provide these benefits include Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, and L Tyrosine.

Vitamin B12, in particular, helps improve memory and reduce brain fog. Athletes who experience muscle weakness, lack of energy, and other symptoms of B12 depletion can take C4 to help improve workout productivity.

7. Mr. Hyde Signature Series Pre-Workout (ProSupps)

ProSupps’ Mr. Hyde Signature Series Pre-Workout is one of the best nootropic pre-workout supplements. Are you wondering, what are nootropic supplements? These pre workout boosters contain ingredients that enhance body and brain function, including the following:

  • L-Theanine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Caffeine

This product also has teacrine for long lasting energy.

While not as loaded with nootropics as other pre-workouts, Mr. Hyde still packs a punch.

8. Tier 1 (Citadel Nutrition) 

What is the most effective nootropic for me? Tier 1 from Citadel Nutrition might fit the bill. Look for a nootropic cognitive enhancer that gives you the stress-resistance and focus needed to power through your favorite fitness kick.

Some of Tier 1’s nootropics include:

  • Creatine
  • Caffeine
  • Beta-Alanine
  • L-Tyrosine

Creatine occurs naturally in the liver. This substance provides fuel to brain cells and cells throughout the body. Think of it as a package delivering energy on demand. As one of the ultimate nootropic ingredients, creatine directly feeds the body’s working muscles. Vegans and vegetarian like creatine because they naturally have less of it in their bodies and those who eat meat.

9. Hydrazine (Hydrapharm)

What is the best nootropic supplement for laser-sharp focus and unmitigated power? According to Hydrapharm, its pre-workout supplement Hydrazine accomplishes this task.

Caffeine is a major ingredient for this fast-acting formula that can keep athletes going strong. The product enhances physical performance for better long-lasting results.

Hydrapharm recommends using Hydrazine only 2-3 times per week, because it’s so potent.

Give Hydrazine a shot and let us know how it worked for you.

10. Excelsior (Imperial Labs)

What is the most powerful nootropic ingredients? Imperial Labs created Excelsior nootropic supplements made with the following effective nootropics:

  • L Citrulline
  • Caffeine

When people work out, it stimulates muscles to grow and become stronger. This may be accompanied by a feeling of accomplishment when reaching workout goals more consistently.

Those looking to dramatically increase performance and gain an edge on the competition go for supplements such as Excelsior.

11. Pre-Jym (JYM Supplement Science)

PreJym contains several nootropic ingredients including the following:

  • Beta-alanine
  • Caffeine

The product, made by JYM Supplement Science, can help athletes stay focused and working harder longer. Pre-Jym also includes creatine, citrulline malate, and some black pepper extract to kick it up a notch. Plus, reviewers love the flavors!

12. Arez (Ntel)

What is the most effective nootropic by Ntel?  The nootropic cognitive enhancer Arez contains tons of nootropic ingredients, including:

  • L Citrulline
  • caffeine
  • Taurine
  • Alpha-GCP
  • Citrulline

Among this alphabet soup of ingredients, caffeine can enhance the mood of someone beginning or in the middle of a strenuous workout. Arez triggers GABA receptors and increases levels of dopamine and serotonin.

13. CRZ OG (Driven Sports)

What is the best nootropic supplement by Driven Sports? The latest pre-workout supplement from this company is CRZ OG, which contains

  • vitamins B3 and B6
  • glycine
  • caffeine

This supplement doesn’t have any creatine, but, with several nootropic ingredients, it’s got a lot of power to improve a strenuous workout.

14. Pathogen (Outbreak Nutrition)

What is the most powerful nootropic with Magnesium, L Citrulline, L-Tyrosine and caffeine? Well, it depends on who gets to answer the question.

Outbreak Nutrition’s Pathogen pre-workout supplements provide a huge boost and keep a workout going strong for long-lasting performance improvement. It has stimulant compounds delivered in the product’s proprietary NuciFocus formulation. Take advantage of this company’s secrets by trying this innovative pre workout supplement.

15. Game Day (Man Sports)

What is the best nootropic for memory? For those who want to improve mind and muscle memory, nootropics enhance cognitive abilities during a workout and throughout the day.

Game Day from Man Sports is packed with nootropic ingredients such as:

  • L Citrulline
  • Creatine
  • Beta Alanine
  • Caffeine
  • L Theanine

Game Day gives users natural stimulants derived from green coffee beans for super clean stimulation throughout and exercise routine. The product is designed to increase the workout capability for adults 18 and over, including men and women, looking for game day performance every day.

16. Genius PRE (The Genius Brand)

What is the best brain enhancer? According to The Genius Brand, Genius PRE provides L Citrulline, Alpha-GPC and Beta Alanine to hungry brain and body cells when taken as part of a pre workout routine.

This product pumps up muscles for lifting and other exercises. It also makes a great enhancement for sports activities and intramural sports. Those seeking supreme concentration and focus through every rep can count on this product to help them reach their goals. For those who wants a pre-workout boost without caffeine, genius PRE fits the bill.

17. Woke AF (Bucked Up)

What is the best brain enhancer in the Bucked Up lineup these days? Woke has it all:

  • L Citrulline
  • Alpha-GPC
  • Beta Alanine
  • Caffeine
  • Taurine

These nootropic ingredients stimulate and provide stress tolerance with a special formulation designed to manifest cognition enhancers for a more powerful workout.

18. LumberJacked (Kodiak)

For those wondering — what is the best nootropic for memory? — Kodiak LumberJacked has a long list of nootropic ingredients to power a go-get-em workout.

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B12
  • L Citrulline
  • Beta Alanine
  • L-Tyrosine

Lumberjacked is formulated to increase endurance and strength with its Carnosyn® formulation. The product also increases the production of nitric oxide to pump the vascular system and working muscles. Nootropic ingredients deliver laser focus and mental clarity without the crash of less effective products.

19. Intensify (Fit Warrior)

Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, L-Carnitine, Taurine, and Caffeine combine to provide consumers with all the benefits of nootropic ingredients. Adding Fit Warrior’s Intensify as a pre-workout supplement can improve concentration and enhance performance for a longer more effective workout. Intensify enhances focus and endurance and can ignite the metabolism for increased fat-burning and muscle-building.

Intensify pre workout aims to provide unstoppable energy. Extra reps and increased focus can unleash maximum potential. Users also love the great taste and Intensify doesn’t cause a mid-workout crash.

20. Fulcrum (Vaxxen Labs)

Do brain enhancers really work? Every gym rat and workout hound has to find out for themselves which product works best for them. Many choose Vaxxen Labs’ Fulcrum, which contains these nootropics:

  • Beta-Alanine
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Rhodiola Rosea

Athletes can find a lot of information online and research the properties of different nootropics to find the blend at best meets their needs.

Why Are Nootropics Useful for Athletes?

Most Important Pre-Workout Ingredients: Functions & Optimal Doses

IngredientFunctionsOptimal Dose
Alpha GPCFocus & Power300mg
Beta-AlanineEndurance & Anti-Fatigue2.5g
CaffeineEnergy, Drive & Focus275mg
Betaine anhydrousStrength & Power2.5g
L-CitrullineBlood Flow, Pump & Endurance8g
CreatineStrength & Power2.5g
TaurineEndurance & Force Output1.5g
TyrosineMood & Focus1.5g
SodiumMuscular Hydration, Blood Volume150mg
PotassiumMuscular Contraction & Hydration80mg

Find information on nearly 100 nootropic pre-work ingredients here.


When someone wants to push for additional wraps and go the extra mile during a workout, focus can get them the results they want. However, it’s sometimes difficult to will oneself into fitness goals. With the help of cognitive enhancing supplements, athletes can concentrate better and maintain their focus to reach their peak physical condition. It’s all about connecting the mind and the body with the assistance of natural ingredients.

Strong focus helps those working out kick up the intensity an endurance needed for a productive workout. Pushing just a little further and becoming just a little bit better can equally turn into fitness gains and larger, honed physiques.


Who wouldn’t like more energy all the time, particularly during workout sessions? Nootropics can boost energy, one of the key components needed for a successful workout. While caffeine and other stimulants also act as nootropics, there are other ingredients that can enhance physical and cognitive performance during activity, sports matches or a trip to the fitness center.

Caffeine increases alertness and creates a feeling of heightened energy. Consumers can use this to get in a few more lifts or curls.


One could argue that it takes motivation just to get into the gym. However, once there, many members want to maximize their time. After all, spending time in front of the mirror, lifting dead weights and barbells or getting in some cardio means sacrificing time with friends and family members. So, why not make the best of it.

Without motivation, people would never make it to the pool, the track or wherever their workout goes down. This makes motivation one of the most important components of achieving gym goals.

Natural nootropics stimulate brain chemicals that regulate drive and motivation. For beginners, getting past the first few weeks can make her break their success. It’s all about creating a regimen and then maximizing each training session. With the right ingredients, pre-workout drinks, pills and powders can help athletes get there and keep at it day after day.

Stress Resistance

When people workout, they stress their body with purposeful movement design to enhance their physique, strength and metabolism. Intense training by nature places stress on the body and mind. Here’s how nootropics can help build up one’s tolerance for stress:

  • Strengthening stress resistance. Nootropic herbs and supplements improve mental performance and reduce brain fog, which kicks in when the body becomes fatigued. by building up the body’s tolerance for stress, those working out can safely pushed themselves a little bit further. This creates a mind-body boost that increases clear thinking an endurance under pressure.
  • Neurotransmitter replenishment. When the body undergoes stressful workouts, it releases certain brain chemicals much more quickly. This can bring on feelings of interconnectedness and euphoria. However, it can also deplete the mind more quickly. Some nootropics restore depleted neurotransmitters.

Brain Connection

The brain’s dopaminergic system consists of dopamine and other chemicals associated with rewards. Nootropics activate dopamine and other neurotransmitters and trigger the release of more of these chemicals. This can help those working out stay alert and focused on each exercise.

At the same time, the serotonergic system that controls impulses and inhibitions can impact someone’s workout. deep into the workout, serotonin levels can follow. This may trigger aggression and other undesirable emotions. Nootropics help many people maintain the appropriate levels of brain chemicals to make every moment of their fitness routine count.

What About the Best Brain Booster Pills?

There are pre-workout products in pills, powders, or liquids. For those who prefer to take pills, it’s a good idea to ensure that selected supplements come in tablets or pills. Choosing a comfortable format for supplements can help ensure consistent usage.


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