REDCON1 is one of the fastest-growing global supplement companies in the US, offering products ranging from supplements to apparel. REDCON1 calls themselves a “mission-driven” company, with a heart for America’s heroes. In fact, they take pride in nearly 40% of their customers identified as military, veterans, and first responders and their families. 

The team at REDCON1 does not believe in compromise when it comes to quality and dedication. They like to say “We’re more than products on a shelf. REDCON1 is a lifestyle.” With a growing customer base and sales in more than 80 countries, REDCON1 is making a name for themselves with products like Total War Pre-Workout. 

Initial Impressions of Total War Pre Workout

Total War comes in a smallish tub, but it promises 15 servings from the smallish scoop inside. Opening it up, you get a puff of powder that honestly burns the nose and eyes. It’s intense! The powder itself isn’t as fine and smooth as some competitors; in our product, there was some minor clumping even with an absorbing pack. 

Energy Ingredients in Total War Pre Workout

  • caffeine anhydrous 250 mg
  • caffeine malate 100 mg (70 mg caffeine)

Total War wants you to be energized. In fact, REDCON1 is so serious about you getting the most energy possible for your workout, that they include two different caffeine types in Total War. A dose of 250mg of caffeine anhydrous – the form we usually find in pre-workout formulas – is a respectable dose, right around the optimal amount. 

Then Total War jacks the caffeine up into the stratosphere with another 100mg of caffeine malate. Caffeine malate combines caffeine with malic acid for a form of energy that lasts longer and holds off the caffeine crash you get from conventional caffeine anhydrous. It’s a smart touch that makes Total War a strong pre-workout candidate. 

Nootropic (Focus and Mood) Ingredients in Total War

  • theobromine 50 mg

Total War includes only one nootropic, which is a bit of a letdown for us. A cacao extract, theobromine isn’t the ideal nootropic, like Alpha GPC, but studies have shown it to have a positive effect on blood pressure and focus. However, 50mg is pretty underdosed; studies have been done in doses from 250-1000mg. It’s hard to say what effect theobromine would have in 50mg, except perhaps to boost the effect of caffeine. 

Anti-Fatigue Ingredients in Total War Pre Workout

  • Beta-Alanine 3.2 g
  • Agmatine sulfate 1 g
  • Bioperine™ (black pepper) — 10 mg
  • Taurine 1g

Total War might skimp on the nootropics, but REDCON1 has gone all-in on anti-fatigue ingredients. You’d be hard-pressed to find a pre-workout more focused on staving off fatigue and boosting endurance. Total War has a whopping 3.2g dose of Beta-Alanine, enough to give you a tingle just smelling it (okay, an exaggeration). If you’re down with the paraesthesia, Total War is for you.

On top of beta-alanine, Total War packs in Agmatine sulfate, Bioperine black pepper extract, and taurine, all ingredients used to increase endurance. REDCON1 clearly wants to attract hard-core athletes who want to push themselves to the max.  

Pump and Blood Flow Ingredients in Total War Pre Workout

  • Citrulline Malate 6 g

Citrulline Malate is the supplement of choice for increasing blood flow and pump in a real way (ie, not faking it with glycerol). However, the 6g of Citrulline Malate included in Total War is a little short of the optimal 8g. That’s not a deal-breaker, but considering the high amount of caffeine and beta-alanine, it seems like a good idea to give a little more attention to blood flow and pump than Total War is giving. 

Strength Support & Body Composition Ingredients in Total War Pre Workout

With all of Total War’s focus on energy, anti-fatigue, and pump, it’s a little shocking to find no ingredients for strength support and body composition (unless you count Green Tea Extract, which may have some fat-burning qualities). No creatine, no betaine anhydrous, not even a little ginseng extract. Sure, a lot of athletes prefer to take their creatine separately, or dose it out throughout the day, but if you’re promising “New found strength and energy,” a little strength support would be nice. 

Electrolyte Ingredients in Total War Pre Workout

  • Sodium 330mg

Total War might skimp on the strength support, but if you want electrolytes, they’ve packed in the sodium. With 330mg of sodium, Total War is going above and beyond the optimal dose (but still just 14% of the FDA daily value) to make sure to keep muscle hydration and blood volume up. 

The Extra Mile?

Total War includes the following extra pre-workout ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract 45mg
  • Juniper Berry Extract 150mg

Total War throws in 45mg of Green Tea Extract and 150mg of Juniper Berry Extract, both of which are well-regarded antioxidants. Both have anti-inflamatory benefits and joint support, and green tea extract is said to help with fat burning as well. Since Total War seems designed for hard, hard workouts, using green tea and juniper berry extracts for recovery is a nice touch. 

Total War Pre Workout Taste & Flavors 

REDCON1 offers Total War Pre-Workout in 24 flavors, from Peach Iced Tea to Watermelon. We tried Cherry Lime. Sweetened with sucralose, we have to admit it was initially sweet, then very, very sour, with a bitter aftertaste (might be the theobromine). A little hard to get down, honestly. 

Who Total War is For 

Redcon1’s Total War Pre-Workout is the pre-workout of choice for lifters who want to go beast mode straight out the box and push it till they crash. 

Who Total War is Not For 

Total War is not for users who want the mental clarity and focus of nootropics. 

Potential Side Effects of Total War

  • Oh, that Beta-Alanine skin-crawl – it’s real with Total War.

Final Verdict  

Total War is serious about boosting energy levels and endurance, but there are a lot of drawbacks, including the lack of nootropics and the harsh taste.



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