Videos have become increasingly popular with 87% of people using them for marketing and sales in the last year alone. A whiteboard animation video is just one of the types of explainer videos for use in marketing the business. Other types include:  

  • 2D & 3D Animation 
  • Motion Graphics 
  • Live Action 
  • Screencast 

 The types of explainer videos each have specific strengths, which make each of them more attractive for specific use case scenarios. The explainer videos connect with the audience by simplifying the dynamic message and compelling action. In this case, the primary focus is on the whiteboard animation video, which offers unique presentation possibilities. It’s designed to target audiences across industries to achieve empowerment and engagement.  

What is Whiteboard Animation Video? 

A whiteboard animation video is a video presentation style, where the images are dynamically drawn on the screen, accompanied by narration. These whiteboard animations are popular as a marketing and education tool, because they are compelling and engaging. Here are key points to consider for whiteboard animation video.  

  • It’s simplified, with images appearing one-by-one. 
  • It’s not designed to go in too much depth.  
  • It’s designed to be quick, easily accessible, and memorable.  

The whiteboard animation video tells a story that delivers the company message. While the message may seem simple and easy to understand, it requires great skill to achieve the right balance of marketing speak and accessible language usage.  

Top 10 Whiteboard Animation Services 

With a clear idea of what to look for in the best whiteboard animation service, it’s time to start reviewing the companies that are regularly rated in the top 10.  Each of the companies offers unique talents and ingenuity, with the clear expertise that will deliver proven results.  

We have rated services based on several independent factors, including:

  • Pricing (Transparency and Cost)
  • Industry Reputation
  • Experience

1. BreadNBeyond 

BreadNBeyond is a whiteboard animation service, with a unique, brand-new content management solution. The company is experienced with more than 2,600 explainer videos across Blockchain, Fintech, Real Estate, and Healthcare industry focus areas. BreadNBeyond also offers voice talent services, which facilitates the greatest level of engagement. Their services are also quick and reliable, with a turnaround in 25 days or less. Their goal is to deliver the quality, proven solution that will compel action.  

The Budget Pick Pack starts at $2k. The cost is $1,199 for the first 60-seconds.  

2. Gisteo 

What is a whiteboard animation? Gisteo demonstrates what it means to be the best-in-class explainer video service. Their video services are designed to speak directly to the consumer, while engaging and inspiring them to act. Gisteo has been offering whiteboard animation services for nearly 10 years, and their services are now more important than ever. They offer the competitive advantage that helps to set a company apart. Gisteo crafts a tailored message that lends clarity and understanding to the mishmash of options that are available in the marketplace.  

Gisteo offers fixed rates, with options for super-cheap K.I.S.S. pricing that top out at $2k. 

3. WizMotions 

What is whiteboard animation? It’s the basis of modern explainer videos, and WizMotions takes it to a whole new level with scientific design and customization. Their goal is to deliver a custom-designed video that’s beautifully animated with a results-oriented focus. Beyond the whiteboard animation services, WizMotions offers professional voiceover services that resonate with the target demographic to deliver the message.  

WizMotions whiteboard animation pricing starts at $497.  

4. Demo Duck 

Demo Duck is one of the best whiteboard animation video services. The tagline is: “Video for any mission.” The goal of the company is to educate, promote, and humanize. It’s not a flash in the pan. Instead, Demo Duck offers a strategic approach designed to fully execute the company’s plan for products and services, no matter what the tone or style. They generate awareness and empowerment, as they create accessible, bite-size pieces of branded content that inspire action.  

Demo Duck pricing starts at $16k. 

5. FireStarter Studios 

FireStarter Studios is one of the best whiteboard animation services. With the tagline “Ignite Your Imagination,” their goal is to bring ideas to life in a way that stands out. They’re unique creative forces are evident through their personal brand of invention, innovation, and ingenuity. The power of their combined creative forces leaves a lasting impact of engagement and empowerment for the target audience. FireStarter Studios delivers upon the unique qualities of its talented crew to facilitate the perfect voiceover experience and meet the needs of customers like Microsoft, Amazon, and The Olive Garden.  

FireStarter Studios offers whiteboard animation services ranging upwards of $3,595 for the first minute plus $30 for every additional second. 

6. SwitchVideo 

SwitchVideo is a whiteboard animation service that focuses on breaking down complex ideas to explain it to the world. With more than 10 years of experience, SwitchVideo is a creative agency that provides memorable explainer videos that increase conversion rates and improves brand awareness. They have produced more than 1,200 videos for clients both in the US and around the world. Beyond their experience and talented dedication, SwitchVideo guarantees a 60% engagement.  

German explainer video production company who produce videos for BMW and Mercedes. Figure around $15,000 to $20,000 for the first minute. 

7. Yum Yum Videos 

What is a whiteboard animation? Yum Yum Videos offers animated video content that’s fully customized. It’s different because Yum Yum prides itself on delivering the original, flawless message that stands out.  It’s an elevated brand experience that’s customized with the use of expressive video imagery to compel action in a way that words alone just could not accomplish. Their out-of-the-box thinking gives voice to the passion and ingenuity that fuels the creative expressions of whiteboard animation service.  

Yum Yum Videos pricing starts at $4k, with custom solutions designed to meet nearly any budget and requirement.  

8. Ydraw 

What is whiteboard animation? With a start in 2011, Ydraw was the inventor of whiteboard video. They are known for the range of experience and technical knowledge that makes them stand out compared with their competition. They offer quality and storytelling power through the whiteboard animation service that engages with the target audience and compels action. Their mission is to create great work, and they’ve been accomplishing that with their team of creative and brilliant teammates. They’ve been creating amazing videos for satisfied clients like Google, T-Mobile, Apple, Adobe, Best Buy, Motorola, Whole Foods, etc.  

Ydraw pricing starts around $6,000 for the first minute, with a flat rate per each additional minute.  

9. Broadcast2World 

Broadcast2World is one of the best whiteboard animation video services. It’s also known as a humble animation agency. They deliver the custom videos with the stories that clarify company messaging, while engaging with the audience and compelling powerful emotional responses. It’s about the power of great storytelling. It’s also important that Broadcast2World stands as a trusted authority and leader. They draw upon their considerable talent and experience to effectively communicate the value of company’s products and services. They are able to compel action through the power of custom animated videos. 

10. WowMakers 

WowMakers is one of the best whiteboard animation services. The company works with clients across industries to create customized branding experiences for Fortune 100 brands, government agencies, NGOs, SMEs, and startups. WowMakers is a design studio that has been in business for more than 8 years. Their creative projects are realized through the talents of artists, strategists, design thinkers, content creators, and engineers. They re-envision the message to break down ideas to create a unique and dynamic experience that’s unforgettable. WowMakers explains the basics to achieve credibility and effective brand identity.  

The cost for WowMakers whiteboard animation services can range from $2.3k-$4k/minute (~$38-$66/second).  

Why Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos for Businesses? 

A whiteboard animation video is an effective and cost-effective method to market products and services. The videos can be produced quickly, with flexible use-case scenarios across topics and industries. The possibilities for sales and marketing are endless, but the process of producing these effective videos is not as simplistic as it may appear. A lot of thought, planning, and consideration goes into the development of a whiteboard animation video. 

Companies must have a clear purpose, script, voiceover narrator, time, and resources. Those are unique skillsets that are not generally part of the creative team at most companies, at least not with a great deal of intension. That’s also why most companies search for whiteboard animation video services that will meet their needs. They need a talented team of experts who can deliver the right mix of proven content and compelling voiceover talent.  

Here are the key reasons to use whiteboard explainer videos for business.  

  • Spark Interest: Consumers are drawn to effective video advertising, which is why businesses use whiteboard animation video to spark interest.  
  • Capture Attention: An effective whiteboard animation video captures the attention of consumers. It’s not something that the audience will see every day. It’s that unique quality that also makes it stand out.  
  • Inspire Greater Retention: The unique nature of the whiteboard animation video helps present the product message in a way that helps consumers understand the company’s products and services. It also means that the audience will remember the message.  
  • Optimize for Google Search: Dynamic, multimedia content helps pages rank higher in Google search. Google considers that content infused with video and other multimedia content will inspire greater engagement.  
  • Increase Web Traffic: Videos are compelling, easy to understand, and shareable. When videos go viral, it can dramatically increase the web traffic, which is particularly true with whiteboard animation video.  
  • Increase Conversion Rate: Some 85% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video. The audience will better understand and connect with the message when you give them a bite-size explanation.  

How to Choose a Whiteboard Animation Video Company 

The process of creating a whiteboard animation video is complicated, which may inspire the search for a whiteboard animation video company that will fulfill those requirements. Don’t make a knee-jerk decision. Carefully consider all the options. Ask lots of questions, and then select the company that will best meet the project requirements.  

What about their Expertise? 

It’s important to know just how experienced the company is when considering their whiteboard animation video. It also involves unique skillsets of more than one person, which is why a team of creative and experienced individuals is the best choice.  

  • How long has the company been in business?  
  • What are the credentials of the individuals who would be involved in the project?  
  • Have they won awards and accreditations? 
  • What’s their skillsets? What about their technical approach?  

It would be nice to assume that the company is tech savvy and capable of supporting the project, but it’s better not to assume anything. Ask lots of questions and ask to see their portfolio to get a better idea of what to expect. 

What Do Clients Say?  

Even if the company is a quality service with lots of experience, the client testimonials can offer further insights into how easy it is to work with them. Just because they are talented doesn’t mean that they will deliver the project on time and on-budget. Consider all the variables of the project.  

  • How timely are they?  
  • How well do they communicate?  
  • Are they able to fulfill what is required for the job?  

It’s important to carefully consider client testimonials to get a better idea of what to expect from the whiteboard animation service process. Don’t just read the testimonials on the company website, though. Look at the online reviews and talk to the previous customers to find out as much as possible about their performance.  

How Does the Price Compare?  

The price is also an important consideration with whiteboard animation services. The budget can rule out some options. It can also change the length, messaging, and tone of the whiteboard animation video. 

  • Is it a base rate for whiteboard animation service?  
  • What is the cost per minute? 
  • What about hidden costs?  
  • Does the company offer a guarantee?  

Whether it’s a one-time project, or a whiteboard animation video that will be part of an ongoing initiative, find out what to expect before hiring them. Understand what the costs are, what comes with the package, and whether there’s any kind of guarantee.  

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