Life’s toughest lessons are learned by making mistakes. It’s what we learn from our experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly, that matter most. Have some fun with these tongue in cheek common mistakes that (we think) everyone should commit at least once in a lifetime.

1. Getting married

Everyone should take a trip down the aisle or stand before the justice of the peace just once in their lifetime. The Wedding March may very well be the opportunity to spend the rest of your life in wedded bliss…or could be a very expensive yet vital experiment in disaster. Either way, consider it a lesson learned.

2. Getting hopelessly, falling down drunk.

At least once in your life, drink far too much and just let loose. Pour down the shots of tequila. Dance on the bar. Just be careful as drinking excessively has severely negative impacts on your health (albeit a nasty hangover.) And as always, if you drink, don’t drive. Few things are more expensive than a D.W.I. or regret.

3. Driving the wrong way on a one way street or highway.

Taking a wrong turn and driving into oncoming traffic is quickly remedied with a u-turn so have no fear. The thrill of playing chicken to the sound of furious motorists is often short lived, as the men in blue find this driving offense ticket worthy.

4. Falling down in public

Taking a trip and landing flat on your face or bottom is a great way to learn how to laugh at yourself. And also a great way to garner laughter from innocent bystanders. Either way, falling down in public is a vital and important process in coming to terms with our infallibility.

5. The “sneeze and shake”

Whether intentional or not, we’ve all made the mistake of sneezing into your hand or wiping your nose and then shaking hands with someone. On the gross factor scale, this one ranks rather highly. And in terms of hilarity, it’s off the charts. If you haven’t already executed the “sneeze and shake,” throw it on your list of things to do soon.

6. Reading a lousy book

We’ve all found ourselves caught in the pages of a terrible book, rereading the same paragraph over and over again, wondering if we should give up or keep going. Our advice: keep trudging ahead. If nothing else, that copy of Eat, Pray, Love will make great kindle for your fire when you’re through.

7. Singing karaoke

Nothing belts a good time better than screaming the lyrics of your favorite song in the company of folks who can’t sing any better than you. Just be sure to load up on the booze (see #2 on this list) and perhaps stuff some cotton balls into your pockets for those “karaokers” who can’t carry a tune to save your ears from splitting.

8. Workplace romance

Perhaps the biggest faux pas to commit is engaging in a workplace romance. The inherit lesson one can learn from committing such an offense is more beneficial than not. By all means, flirt away. Just tread carefully and learn from the experience. And, as a word of warning, polluting the waters of the job pool is often frowned upon by higher ups and makes for an awkward work environment after the romance fades.

9. “Losing” your child’s pet or saying it ran away

We’ve all been here: waking up one morning to the sound of your daughter’s chirping parakeet with your head screaming “I can’t stand this bird!” Or you notice your son’s fish doing the dead man’s float. Whatever the case, disposing of the pet claiming it was lost or ran away may be the most humble way to delay the life experience of death.

10. Pulling a one night stand

Maybe you’re freshly dumped, maybe you’re just in the need of a little human touch. Whatever the case may be, pulling a one night stand may very well be one of life’s greatest learning experiences. One night stands can go either way: they may build you up if you’ve been wounded in love but they also may be highly destructive.

Bonus Mistake: Get Arrested

Nothing adds to allure and bragging rights faster than a trip to jail courtesy of the police car express. So you mooned a neighbor. Over consumed alcohol and flashed a friend. Or pulled a little breaking and entering to propel your career in pranks. Whatever the case, whatever the reason for handcuffs, getting arrested lends a colorful story to tell over and over again.

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