Words are powerful especially when chosen carefully. A simple, four word phrase when stated in the proper tone, can evoke far ranging emotions and deliver a powerful impact. Here are the 100 Best Four Word Phrases:

1. I love you so.

2. Thank you very much.

3. Oh no you didn’t.

4. I want you so.

5. Writing’s on the wall.

6. Put your dukes up.

7. Let your hair down.

8. From the horse’s mouth.

9. I miss you so.

10. Wet behind the ears.

11. Pig in a poke.

12. I need you so.

13. Paint the town red.

14. Skin of your teeth.

15. Get in the sack.

16. Raining cats and dogs.

17. I am a rock.

18. High on the hog.

19. A stiff upper lip.

20. Skeletons in the closet.

21. Clean as a whistle.

22. Throw in the towel.

23. Bats in the belfry.

24. Fit as a fiddle.

25. Pull in the horns.

26. Called on the carpet.

27. He’s no spring chicken.

28. Get the lead out.

29. Reveal your true colors.

30. Ride like the wind.

31. The whole nine yards.

32. One life, one chance.

33. The past is practice.

34. Absent without official leave.

35. Lock, stock, and barrel.

36. Hook, line, and sinker.

77. Beat around the bush.

38. Read between the lines.

39. To make ends meet.

40. Rub the wrong way.

41. Work the graveyard shift.

42. Dead as a doornail.

43. Nip in the bud.

44. My lips are sealed.

45. Bring home the bacon.

46. See, hear, touch, feel.

47. Good luck to you.

48. Go your own way.

49. Live, breathe, laugh, love.

50. Hearts beat the same.

51. It’s all about me.

52. To thyself be true.

53. I have a dream.

54. Thou shall not surrender.

55. What did you say?

56. Not on your life.

57. I think I can.

58. I only want now.

59. I want it all.

60. Peace, love, and understanding.

61. Don’t rock the boat.

62. Sleep is not mandatory.

63. Good guys always win.

64. Live for your word.

65. It’s all about you.

66. God is my shield.

67. I am not afraid.

68. It’s all in you.

69. I stand my ground.

70. One last drink, please.

71. Talk to the hand.

72. Shut up, big mouth.

73. I want to cry.

74. Son of a bitch.

75. Now leave me alone.

76. Go out and play.

77. Money can’t buy life.

78. Don’t worry, be happy.

79. Just go for it.

80. Make love not war.

81. Just like a man.

82. Just like a woman.

83. Work hard, play harder.

84. You are so beautiful.

85. Too legit to quit.

86. True love never dies.

87. Nice guys finish last.

88. God as my witness.

89. For old time’s sake.

90. Just this one time.

91. Don’t talk just kiss.

92. Take off your clothes.

93. Don’t drink and drive.

94. A moment like this.

95. Be a good girl.

96. If you want me.

97. Don’t fall in love.

98. Always wear a condom.

99. Lets just be friends.

100. Tomorrow is another day.

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