For many people, sex is the very best thing this life has to offer. But after a while, vanilla sex gets a little dull. Adding variety is the key. The easiest ways to get variety are to change up the location of sex and the position.

In this list we’ve tried to put together the best places to have sex. We’ve mixed things up, offering some places that are readily available and others that will take a truly adventurous spirit. Very few people will hit every spot on this list, but hopefully we’ve given you some ideas that sound fun which you can try in your own relationships.

So without further ado, here’s our list of the top 50 places to have great sex…

50 Best Places to Have Great Sex

50. On a picnic table under the stars
49. In the back of a pickup truck
48. On top of a mountain overlooking a lake at 2am in the pitch dark
47. On the kitchen counter
46. In the shower standing up (works great as a smooth sneak attack)
45. In the shower laying down
44. On an airplane (less than .0001% of the population gets to try this)
43. In a field (easy to find)
42. In a field of flowers (harder to find)
41. On a hay-bale (straw-bale is the same thing)
40. Standing on a couch (woman’s back against the wall)
39. Laying on a couch (try a variant of the scissors position)
38. Bending over a couch (doggy style)
37. Surrounded by guns (try it loaded for more excitement)
36. In the bell tower at church
35. On the pews in a church
34. On the floor between the pews in a church
33. In the stall of a public bathroom
32. A quickie in the library between two rows of books
31. An unused room at the University’s library
30. Down a dark ally in a major city
29. In an old, enchanted forest
28. In a hotel (this is where you do it hard)
31. In a lake (or on a dock, in a canoe, etc.)
30. Grand Central Station
29. Haunted house
28. At a zoo (if you’re the risky type, go into the lion’s cage)
27. Go to the Madame Tusords Wax Museum and do some oral in front of Clinton
26. On the dining room table
25. On radiant floors in the basement
24. In a movie theater
23. On a hillside
22. In parent’s bedroom
21. In the restaurant’s kitchen after closing time
20. Behind the bar
19. On the kitchen floor
18. Against the bathroom sink
17. In the backseat of a car
16. In a sauna
15. In a limousine
14. Under a waterfall
13. In a bank after it closes
12. In a department store bed
11. In a sleeping bag
10. In a luxurious hotel suite
9. In a recliner
8. In the attic (lends a new twist on “spring cleaning”)
7. In a classroom
6. In prison
5. Your ex-lover’s bed
4. Roof of a skyscraper
3. In a graveyard
2. On the beach (be careful, the sand might be a bit abrasive)
1. In a jacuzzi, with flickering candlelight and a glass of wine, which you drink to enhance the post-coital bliss over a deeply penetrating conversation, which once and for all solves all the world’s problems. And oh, it’s always best with woman on top;-).

Let us know what we’ve missed in the comment section…

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