With so many rumours about what is and isn’t legal when driving, it can be hard to separate the facts from the fiction. This often leads people to waste concentration worrying about the open sandwich on the front seat instead of paying due attention to the road. So insurance company Endsleigh have put together a fact sheet to help bust some common driving myths.

1) It’s illegal to eat while driving – FALSE
You could be pulled over for careless driving if police feel you aren’t paying enough attention to the road, but eating and driving isn’t illegal in itself.

2) Not all speed cameras will flash – TRUE
A small number use infra-red instead.

3) Speed cameras give you 10% leeway – FALSE
Speed cameras don’t have a tolerance level, but the police may decide not to prosecute if you are less than 10% over the speed limit.

4) Driving barefoot is breaking the law – FALSE
Although it’s not advisable, it isn’t against the law to drive barefoot.

5) Red lines mean the same as double yellow lines – FALSE
Red lines are more complicated than yellows and have a road sign to explain them.

6) Using your phone in a petrol station can cause explosions – FALSE
Although some stations ban phones, the Petroleum Equipment Institute say there is no associated risk.

7) You can’t go around the same roundabout three times in a row – FALSE
This could be considered careless driving, but isn’t technically illegal.

8) Furry dice equal MOT fails – TRUE
They are considered an impediment in your field of vision.

9) Red cars are the most expensive to insure – FALSE
Colour has no impact on insurance rates.

10) It’s okay to drive after 1.5 pints – FALSE
The amount of alcohol consumed to deem you over the legal limit is different for everyone. The best course of action is not to drink any alcohol if you are driving.

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