Dreams are the subject of great debate amongst dream experts, sleep researchers and doctors. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud once stated: “Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” Here are some of the most common and weird dreams many people experience while they sleep.

1. Flying Dreams

Flying dreams, with or without wings, airplanes, and other aircraft, often indicate an overall sense of accomplishment, freedom, and sense of power. Conversely, problems encountered while flying (power lines, trees, mountains, mechanical breakdowns, fear of flying too high, etc..) indicate struggles to stay on course. Often this means something or someone is standing in your way from moving forward or that you’re afraid of the next step and success.

2. Sex Dreams

Most of us have startled awake having traveled in our slumber to the arms of a stranger, ex, neighbor, mailman, or even a same gendered friend, to rise confounded and guilty next to our partner. Don’t worry, you’re not losing your mind. Dreaming of sex is often just fantasy, but could also mean your subconscious is working on merging parts of your inner self with your outer world. Dreaming of coital relations with your ex may signify your anxiety or hesitation to begin a new relationship or enter a new situation. Dreaming of sex with a stranger may be an indicator to loosen some of your inhibitions, dump emotional baggage, and may relate to your uncertainty about the future. If you dream of multiple partners, it may indicate your emotional detachment from a present relationship. If you dream of homosexual activities when you’re heterosexual, often it means you need to cultivate your self love and get in touch with your sexuality and is not usually an indicator of harbored homosexuality.

3. Public Nudity Dreams

Many folks have had the naked dream: going dans le buff to work, sitting barebottomed on the bus, just doing your day to day activities and realizing you are without clothes. This dream often reflects a variety of issues, depending upon your response to your nakedness in the dream. If you’re embarrassed of your public nudity, you could be concealing something from yourself or others, are seeking acceptance, or are in a new environment which causes fear or apprehension. Being naked in a classroom often indicates that you’re off guard, unprepared to make a decision, or fear exposure. Being nude in a dream while no one else cares (or notices) often symbolizes freedom, honesty, openness, or perhaps even attention seeking in manner which is detrimental to personal well being.

4. Falling Dreams Dreams

Falling dreams are a terrifying phenomenon nearly every person experiences at one point or another in their lives. Falling dreams often signify imbalance, insecurity, anxiety, inferiority, and/or the feeling that a situation in your life is out of control. Sigmund Freud believed falling dreams were an indication that the dreamer is considerably lacking indiscretion and standing at the threshold of giving into sexual urges and impulses. The Bible states falling dreams are a reflection of negatively turning away from God and acting against accordance with Him. Contrary to popular belief, hitting ground during a falling dream will not kill the dreamer.

5. Test Dreams

Test dreams also indicate a sense of anxiety, fears of scrutiny, or agitation stemming from a perplexing experience in your waking life. Most test dreams indicate self esteem issues and an overall lack of confidence depending upon the activities in your sleeping state. If you dream you fail a test, arrive late for a test, or your pencil keeps breaking and you can’t take the test, it often translates that in your wakeful world, you are not living up to others’ expectations of you. Often test dreams reveal wakeful feelings of inferiority. Test dreams also may mean you feel you are being judged or that you’re neglecting an integral aspect of your self, your feelings, or your experience.

6. Chase Dreams

Chase dreams are based in the “flight or fight” instinct. Often they stem from anxiety, fear of physical threat, or stressful situations based in your wakeful life. The actions taken in your dream and how you respond to the chase often parallel your response to difficulties encountered when you are awake. Paying attention to what chases you while you are dreaming give you a better idea how to lasso and face your fears. Often chase dreams mirror our feelings of anger, jealousy, fear, or threatened love. If you are chasing something in your dream, it indicates that you may be falling behind in terms of your drive and ambitions. If you are attacked following the chase, it may indicate physical vulnerabilities and the fear of violence.

7. Car Accident/Break Down Dreams

Car accidents and/or car problems often reveal an emotional state driven by anxiety and fear regarding one’s chosen path. Often when we dream of these instances, it’s our inner wisdom eliciting a warning to slow down, redirect, or rethink our present path to determine if its the one we really want to be on. Car accident and breakdown dreams are a direct symbol of our wakeful situations which make us feel out of control. Re-evauluating our wakeful lives and regaining control of ourselves is often implied by car accident or break down dreams.

8. Death Dreams Of Self Or Others

If you dream of death or dying, it often indicates change and usually is not a prophetic indicator of your death or someone elses. To dream of death or dying often means you are going through a transition, are lacking a specific skill or trait necessary to navigate present circumstances, or evolving in your development. Dreaming of death also may signify you are trying to shirk responsibility and demands of your waking life or need a new start.

9. Trapped Dreams

To dream you are lost or trapped often signifies feelings of restraint, imposition, restriction and confinement in your career, personal relationships, or because of health issues. This dream is often a good indicator to let go of your past and determine what is hindering your growth in your waking life. This dream often stems from loss, fear, indecision, and/or unresolved issues from your past.

10. Break Ins/Burglary Dreams

If you dream of break ins or being burglarized, it often indicates a feeling of helplessness, violation, or invasion of your space. This dream often occurs following highly traumatizing life experience, a major life change, or relationship issue. Burglary dreams often are a symptom of post traumatic stress and are the body’s signal to slow down, allow yourself to adjust, and, if recurring, perhaps seek the help of a qualified professional to assist you in working through your emotions.

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