There are a number of substances and activities that a person can become addicted to, but are you familiar with the 10 most common addictions? Take a look at this list of addictions and see if you agree:

1. Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is readily available, and a legal substance for adults to use. Prolonged or excessive use can lead to a problem with addiction. Use of alcohol in relatively small amounts can impair an individual’s ability to drive a motor vehicle safely, and is a factor in crimes involving violence, including spousal and child abuse.

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2. Smoking

Technically, a smoker is not addicted to cigarettes, but rather the nicotine they contain. This highly-addictive substance is the reason why smoking is such a difficult habit to give up.

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3. Drug Addiction

Drug addiction includes both illegal substances and legal drugs. The problem is the same, whether your drug of choice is readily available by prescription or not.

4. Gambling

Many people enjoy participating in a game of chance in hope of winning some money or another prize. When it becomes a compulsive activity that the individual is unable to stop, despite the fact that continuing to gamble is creating problems, that is a sign that the person has become addicted to gambling.

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5. Food Addiction

Food is something that we all need to survive, and eating should be an enjoyable experience. A food addict is unable to control his or her eating during certain times and uses food as a way to deal with feelings of sadness, depression, or anxiety.

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6. Video Games

A video game addict plays video games to the extent that this activity intrudes on his or her life. The most addictive video games are the ones where players assume the identity of a character in the game and are able to interact with other players.

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7. Internet Addiction

The Internet can be a wonderful resource. We can look for information, read news and blogs, and interact virtually with people from all over the world. We can do our banking and shop online as well. Internet use turns into Internet addiction when an individual wants to be online all the time. If you feel anxious or upset when you are not able to be online, it may be a sign that you have developed an Internet addiction.

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8. Sex Addiction

Having an addiction to sex has nothing to do with your sex drive (or lack thereof). While it’s normal to have a healthy interest in sexual activity, a person with an addiction to sex is likely engaging in risky sexual behavior to feel their compulsion. They may be visiting prostitutes, having affairs, picking up strangers to have sex with, exposing themselves or looking in windows to satisfy their urges.

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9. Shopping

For some people, compulsive shopping is an all-too-real problem. They use this activity as a way to deal with emotional and other problems in their lives. This excessive shopping may lead to financial problems, as well as relationship issues with the compulsive shopper’s spouse or partner.

10. Work Addiction

The last entry on this list of the 10 most common addictions is one that may be considered a good thing: work. Hard work is generally something that people admire and many parents teach their children that it is the key to getting what they want out of life. When work becomes an obsession, it is a problem. If you get to the point where you can’t stop working and thinking about work when you are supposed to be off the job, it may be a sign that your dedication has turned into an addiction.

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