Love is one of the most powerful forces known to man. Love is very much like water: it’s nearly everywhere, it can replenish, it can destroy, it can pour, it can pull you under, it can push you up, it can melt, it can freeze, and it can evaporate for use elsewhere, particularly when it isn’t reciprocated. Love that isn’t returned or acknowledged by an admirer falls into unrequited category. Though unrequited love can be painful and devastating, it is essentially part of the human condition and allows for gaining experience. Here are the 20 Best Songs About Unrequited Love:

1. Apologies By Grace Potter And The Nocturnals

2. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me’ By Fall Out Boy

3. The Letter By Natalie Merchant

4. Untouchable Face By Ani Difranco

5. Creep By Radiohead

6. Tiny Vessels By Death Cab For Cutie

7. Again I Go Unnoticed By Dashboard Confessional

8. Congratulations By Blue October Featuring Imogen Heap

9. Life On A Chain By Pete Yorn

10. 1,000 Oceans By Tori Amos

11. Big Salty Tears By Sublime

12. I Can’t Make You Love Me By Bonnie Raitt

13. Shiver By Coldplay

14. I Hate Myself For Loving You By Joan Jett

15. You Can’t Make A Heart Love Somebody By George Straight

16. Diamonds And Rust By Joan Baez

17. Insensitive By Jann Arden

18. Memory By Barbara Streisand

19. Sweet Dreams By Patsy Cline

20. Thinking Of You By Katy Perry

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