Board games are a staple when it comes to getting together with people you care about or breaking the ice with a group of new friends. They have fallen behind in popularity in favor of newer and more technology-based gaming but they haven’t lost their fun by any means! Our top picks can be seen below, there are a few classics and some new games for you to explore. Every game in this article is featured on the Amazon bestseller list (at the time of writing) and has been ranked here according to price and customer experience.

10. Hedbanz

Hedbanz is an award-winning game from Spin Master that serves up hours of family-appropriate fun for just $12.99; however, just because it’s family-friendly doesn’t mean it skimps on fun for the grownups either. This game gets its name from the headband players wear that has a slot where a card goes in and the person with the card can ask questions that lead them to figure out what they are. This game comes with six headbands, a sand timer, 74 different cards, 24 chips, and of course, a rule sheet.

9. Candy Land

Candy Land puts a sweet twist on the classic ‘race to the finish’ style board games. It is appropriate for all ages and can be played by up to four people. It comes with four pawns, the game board, card deck, and an instruction book. It’s a simple game full of ‘sweet surprises’ and a lot of fun. The pawns are shaped like gummy candy, every destination on the board is dessert-themed, and the cards switch things up so there’s plenty of twists and laughs on your journey to Candy Castle.

8. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is one of the most unique games on this list and it’s an adventurous take on a board game. You can play it in a group as small as three people but it allows for up to ten. Everyone gets a unique role like that of a werewolf, a seer, a troublemaker, and more. Each of the twelve characters in this fast-paced game has a particular role and they all come together for awesome fun with friends or family, with a spooky twist.

7. Guess Who?

Guess Who? Is one of the most classic games out there even though it is always getting built on. This is a low-tech original version from Hasbro that accommodates no more than two players. The rules are simple if you’ve never played it before; you simply draw a random card and the players take turns asking one another yes or no questions until you’ve narrowed down who they may be. This game stays true to its slogan declaring it ‘the original guessing game!’ and will cost you less than $10.

6. Clue

This is another classic that costs less than ten bucks, Clue. This is a well-loved whodunit in which a group of up to six players sift through clues to try and solve the mystery of who committed the murder in the mansion. The board is the layout of the house, and there are nine possible rooms, six possible weapons, and six suspects. No matter how many times you play, the game feels fresh as there are a whopping 324 possible solutions. So get cracking! The case, that is.

5. Connect 4

Connect Four is a laid-back two-player game from the Hasbro Gaming Company. It’s a cross between tic tac toe and checkers that you’ve probably played before. All you have to do is get four of your pieces in a row in the blue rack that stands in for the typical ‘board’ in this board game. The only problem is, you have to get four in a row! It’s a lot more complicated than it seems which is why this game has been featured here despite its age. Sometimes, you just can’t be the classics. And this is a great one to keep the kiddos busy in the afternoons.

4. Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a loud dice game that is suited for two or more players. In the box, you’ll get a score pad, five dice, a shaker, and a score pad. You earn points based on different rolls and get to shout “Yahtzee!” at the top of your lungs when you get five of a kind. It currently costs just $8.69 and has everything you need for a few hours of fun. You could also play a more condensed version if you have less time or even mix it up by adding extra dice. A game this simple is perfect for putting a creative touch into your evening.

3. Codenames

Codenames is a more fast-paced game that lasts for about 15 minutes per round. BoardGameGeek voted it the number one party game and it has won other awards in the past. It has sold over two million copies in over 30 languages. It is a spy-themed guessing game that plays like a crazy competitive hybrid between Battleship and Guess Who. The object of the game, which can also be played in teams, is to see which of them can make contact with all of their agents first. One problem, they only know their codenames.

2. Sequence

Sequence is a strategy game that calls itself fun, challenging, and exciting. It can be played with as few as two people all the way up to 12. On your turn, you choose a card from your hand to play and place a chip in the corresponding space on the board. The object is to get five in a row before your opponent. Sequence can be played one on one or in teams. The game also boasts that it helps develop strategy skills in younger players.

1. Blokus

Blokus is a strategy game that you can get the hang of pretty quickly. So quickly, in fact, that it is suited for ages seven and up. Two to four players spend about 30 minutes per round of each game unless they’re indecisive! Each player gets 21 pieces and they have to make sure the corners are touching a piece of the same color as they race to either fill the board. The player who has the most real estate on the board wins. It’s a fun game for all ages, especially if you like to get a little bit competitive.

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