Have you ever loved a movie so much, you’ve wanted to climb straight into its world and never leave? Middle Earth, perhaps? Bruce Wayne’s Batcave? How about a Galaxy Far, Far Away? Well, the lucky owners of these 10 home theaters can do just that. These 10 movie-themed home theaters are sure to blow your mind (and probably make you wish you, too, could escape into your favorite movie).

1. Star Wars #1

Leave it to the president of the Star Wars fan club to own such a mind-blowing Star Wars-themed home theater. Designed to look like the Death Star, the theater includes three rows of comfy leather loungers, a big screen, and lots of fun futuristic lighting. Besides stunning views of the galaxy, the media room also features replicas of classic characters like C-3PO, Han Solo, Boba Fett.

2. Lord of the Rings

Luxury was combined with the charm and fantasy of the Lord of the Rings film franchise for this mind-blowing movie-themed home theater. Built by Silver Screen & Sound, Inc., this state-of-the-art media room includes a theater-sized screen, a full wet bar for snacks, plenty of comfortable seating, and of course, lots of Lord of the Rings details.

3.Pirates of the Caribbean

This over-the-top home theater is as mind-blowing as they come! Designed by Elite Home Theater Seating and located in Palm Beach, Florida, this Pirates of the Caribbean-themed theater is designed to look like Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship, complete with comfy deck seating, a front ship-like facade entry, and even a tavern-style bar for snacks. Want one for yourself? This amazing home theater cost around $2.5 million to create.

4. Star Trek

Watching a film in this mind-blowing Star Trek-themed home theater may just be the next best thing to watching a film on the actual Starship Enterprise. Designed by Audio Advisors, Inc. and based in a private home in West Palm Beach, Florida, this amazing home theater includes a large screen, 11 leather recliners, computer-controlled LED lighting, plus tons of other details.

5. Star Wars #2

Whether watching a movie or exploring the galaxy, it can be done in style in this mind-blowing Star Wars-themed home theater. The entire theater is a whopping 10,000 square feet, complete with ultra modern neon lighting, six flat-panel HDTVs, and plenty of comfortable seating options.

6. Tomb Raider

Wannabe Lara Crofts will love this stunning Tomb Raider-themed home theater. Designed and installed by the luxury home theater company, Admit One, the theater boasts stone-like walls, intricate design work inspired by the films’ locales, comfortable leather recliners, and even a gargoyle.

7. Titanic

Based on James Cameron’s Academy Award-winning film Titanic, this mind-blowing home theater exudes wealth and luxury. Watch the big screen from the leather wing-back chairs, or take a seat at one of the mahogany tables for an exciting game of cards or a snack. Topping off the first-class luxury is a circular ceiling rivaling that of the original Titanic ballroom. Let’s just hope this movie-themed home theater is a little more, well, unsinkable.

8. Batman

Watch a movie in a cave? The answer to such a question will be an easy “Yes!” once you’ve seen this mind-blowing Batman-themed home theater. Designed with the most state-of-the-art elements by Elite Home Theater Systems, this home theater features Batcave-like walls, complete with sconces and stalactites, surrounding a massive screen and a dozen leather loungers.

9. Indiana Jones

The owners of this mind-blowing home theater can immerse themselves into the fun and adventurous world of Indiana Jones anytime they want! Plush seating, lots of lighting, a big screen, and surround sound make this theater pretty impressive, but it’s the one-of-a-kind collection of original Indiana Jones movie memorabilia that really blows the mind.

10. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Jules Verne’s Nautilus was recreated by Dillon Works for this incredible 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-themed home theater inspired by the Disney classic. So that the Texas-based owners of this mind-blowing home theater can actually feel like they’re hanging out under water, the room includes red velvet walls, luxurious seating, and lots of submarine-like details such as distressed “trusses” and “rusty pipes.”

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