Focus On One Thing At A Time

Starting fresh is something that you can do anytime that you feel the need to do so, but there is something very symbolic about the beginning of a new year. It is widely celebrated around the world as the marking of a milestone, and it sparks people to try and create positive changes in their […]

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psychic Gerard Croiset

Can psychics really help solve crimes? Here are 10 psychic sleuths who actually did. Over the years law-enforcement agencies have created and developed an array of investigative tools which are designed to aid criminal investigations. But when – despite these new technologies – detectives find themselves at a dead-end, they may actually turn to psychic […]

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Mark Zuckerberg

Atheism is generating quite a lot of attention these days. Prominent atheists are getting the word out about their views in increasing numbers and generating lots of public debate on the proper place of religion in governments and share societies in the modern world. And now more than ever, atheists have been able to network […]

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