Misogyny derives from the Greek word “misogunia,” the pairing of “misos” meaning hatred and “gyne” meaning woman. Misogyny is often considered “the world’s oldest practice” based in the concept of hateful distrust of women. Misogyny was first noted during ancient times in Greek mythology and Roman philosophers. Many theories exist as to what causes the prejudiced feelings and attitudes displayed by misogynists. Biology, evolution, phallogocentrism, and other naturalistic theories are suspected of triggering misogynistic ideas. Yet, despite harboring a negative attitude toward women, some misogynists have positive relationships with members of the “hated” sex.

Whatever the source of the disdain, distrust, and pure hatred held by misogynists, misogyny is the subject of great debate between feminists, social biologists, and even misogynists themselves. Misogyny is a prevalent issue often expressed in various forms of communication, including music. Here are the 20 Most Misogynistic Songs Ever:

1. Don’t Bite The Dick By David Allan Coe

2. A Lapdance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying By The Bloodhound Gang

3. 99 Problems By Jay Z

4. Some Girls By The Rolling Stones

4. One More Chance By Notorious BIG

5. Only Women Bleed By Alice Cooper

6. You Can’t Fade Me By Ice Cube

7. Wives And Lovers By Jack Jones

8. Back Off Bitch By Guns And Roses

9. Domestic Violence By RZA

10. Run For Your Life By The Beatles

11. Ludacris Ho

12. Just Like A Woman By Bob Dylan

13. Smack My Bitch Up By Prodigy

14. Golddigger By Kanye West

15. Girls By Beastie Boys

16. Wildflower By Ghostface Killah

17. Bitches Ain’t Shit By Dr. Dre Featuring Snoop Dogg

18. All Women Are Bad By The Cramps

19. Hoochie Mamma By 2LiveCrew

20. It’s A Man’s World By James Brown

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