Sleeping At Last is an Indie rock band from Wheaton, Illinois, formed during 1998. Sleeping At Last was founded by Ryan O’Neal, Chad O’Neal, and Dan Perdue, with Ryan on lead vocals, guitar, and piano, Chad on drums, and Perdue on bass and keyboards. The band originated a strong, Wheaton area following as the opening act for Switchfoot and The Appleseed Cast. Within three years following the band’s origination, Sleeping At Last captured the attention of Billy Corgan, former frontman from the Smashing Pumpkins. O’Neal later stated in an interview that Corgan’s “support shaped how we approach creativity” despite initially suspecting that Corgan’s interest was “some mean joke from a friend.”

In 2002, Corgan finessed an album deal with Interscope Records. Under that label, Sleeping At Last launched their second album, entitled Ghosts before launching a U.S. tour with Yellowcard, the Format, and Something Corporate. The tour led to a 75 day recording session for the album Keep No Score. Months later, the band reached a larger audience when their songs were aired on Fuse TV. Sleeping At Last made national television when the song entitled Quicksand was featured on the popular show Grey’s Anatomy. Shortly after Quicksand landed on television, Sleeping At Last released their independent third full length album, entitled Keep No Score. Drummer Chad O’Neal left the band in pursuit of other interests following the release of the third album.

During the summer of 2010, the band announced from their official website that from October 1, 2010 until September 1, 2011 they would release three songs on the first day of every month, for the project titled Yearbook. The songs are available by the band’s website and also in twelve separate EPs.

Sleeping At Last is defined by its sophisticated sound, melodic lyrics, and organic open-mindedness. Perdue perhaps described the band’s style best with: “All of our favorite bands are always forward thinking and ground breaking, but also accessible, which is the hardest balance to find. But being forward thinking doesn’t mean anything if no one wants to listen to you and it’s obviously not all that exciting to sound like everything else out there.” Let your ear be the judge. Here are the 10 Best Sleeping At Last Songs:

1. Birdcage Religion

2. Quicksand

3. Outlines

4. From The Ground Up

5. Intermission

6. Next To Me

7. Clockwork

8. Wires

9. Dear True Love

10. Birthright

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