Mumford and Sons, an English folk rock band formed in 2007, have found international success and even Grammy nominations. The band is comprised of Marcus Mumford, on vocals, guitar, drums, and mandolin, Ben Lovett on vocals, keyboards, accordion, and drums, Ted Dwane on vocals, string bass, and drums, and “Country” Winston Marshall on vocals, banjo, and dobro. Mumford and Sons’ bandmates often switch instruments and deliver a powerful live performance to fans. The award winning 2009 release of Mumford and Son’s album Sigh No More garnered international acclaim and secured the band’s fame. Here are the 10 Best Mumford and Sons Songs:

1. Awake My Soul

2. Little Lion Man

3. Roll Away Your Stone

4. My Head Told My Heart

5. Feel The Tide

6. I Gave You All

7. Hold On To What You Believe

8. To Darkness

9. Sigh No More

10. Dust Bowl Dance

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