Whether you’re birthday or holiday shopping, chances are if you are a parent, you’re rather over stepping on Legos and cluttering your home with toys your kids don’t either learn from or use. Make the most of your shopping dollars and invest in your child’s brain power and innate scientific mind by getting him, her, or them the toys that are not only entertaining but also educational with any of the 10 Best Science Gifts For Kids.

1. Thames & Kosmos CHEM C1000

Budding scientists all agree: any experiment which causes a reaction however small is probably more exciting than the alternatives. The Thames & Kosmos CHEM C1000 teaches kids how to safely mix, handle, and conduct everyday experiements in their own little lab setup. This kit uses kitchen basics (like sugar, eggs, and honey) and even the elements of the earth (calcium, acids, and proteins) and includes quality professional lab equipment guaranteed to help your kids discover and learn the wonders of science and chemistry. Please note, this kit recommended to be best for older kids but younger kids under the close supervision of adults may enjoy this as well!

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2. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Kit

The award winning Snap Circuits by Elenco are among the best educational (and most entertaining) science kits available for purchase! The Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Kit is an amazing and affordable investment in your child’s present and future. Recommended for children aged 8 and older, this kit teaches kids the hands on experience of how electronic devices work. Plus, it’s 30 color coded, real-life circuit components are ideal for little fingers to snap in place to construct over 100 real working projects, devices, and circuitry.

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3. My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

Teach your kids how to examine and learn about life on a cellular level by purchasing the My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope! This essential component to every young scientist’s shelf is battery operated and includes a 50 piece accessory kit. With award winning features like real glass optics, 6 hole disk diaphragm, and 40x, 100x, and 400x magnifications make this microscope the number one choice of many. Its portable durabilty are kid friendly and its high clarity guarantees quality. And it’s price is easily affordable!

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4. Celestron 21041 60mm

Show your child the wonders of the universe with a powerful and entirely portable telescope designed especially for a beginning astronomer! This telescope features everything you need for astronomical and terrestial views! An all glass optical component paired with high transmission coatings offers bright, clear imaging through its 3x Barlow Lens measuring 1.25 inches. Additionally, the 60 mm aperature, 700 mm focal length, 20 mm eyepiece, 4 mm eyepiece, aluminum tripod, accessory tray, and an Altazimuth mount make this telescope is a user friendly, crowd pleaser certain to add delight to any night!

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5. Educational Insights Geosafari Motorized Solar System

Since you can’t take your child on a trip through the solar system and visit each planet, the next best thing is to bring the planets to your child. And the Educational Insights Geosafari Motorized Solar System just does that! This planetarium has a central tower, planetary support rods, and longitude marks along its base to allow special effects to come alive when the lights go out and the system turns on. This kit also includes a Stardome which converts the system into a planetarium too!

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6. Oobleck, Slime & Dancing Spaghetti: Twenty Terrific At Home Science Experiments Inspired By Favorite Children’s Books

Whether you’re a teacher, caregiver, parent, or adult friend, chances are you seek means of enriching the lives of the children around you. One of the easiest ways to do that is to pop open a book and read. And one of the best ways to teach science is using a cross curricular book which converts any kitchen into a science lab! This book features a wide range of easy kitchen science experiments based upon some of the most well loved, classic children’s books. Step by step instructions, ingredient lists, thought provoking questions, fun facts, summaries of stories, easily relatable descriptions, and seemingly endless hours of learning fun are packed into this 192 paged paperback!

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7. Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing

Beginner scientists as young as age 3 are capable of mixing and stirring so why not help them on the path of scientific learning and get them the Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing set? This kit allows users to mold plaster shapes, learn and understand the structure and shape of crystals, mix dyes to grow custom colors, and follow instructions with a 32 page kid friendly manual. Get ready to get messy and gain a better understanding of the structure of crystals with this great kit!

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8. Physics Workshop Kit

Kids ages 8 and up (and perhaps even those who are younger working closely with adult supervision) can enjoy learning all about the natural sciences of energy and force, movement and motion, and matter in the universe with the Physics Workshop Kit. This 305 piece collection of materials, tools, and equipment instills real world applications of physics equations and physics itself through its 64 page manual, 37 experiements, and 36 building projects. Kids (and kids at heart) can build everything from simple machines – like wheels, gears, screws, pulleys, axles, etc – to more complicated construction – like models, cranes, cars, robots, a centrifuge, ship’s lantern, windmill, and even a hammer machine!

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9. Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab

Children over the age of three can learn how to explore the world of magnetic force with the Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab. This 224 piece kit features an activity guide, 2 metal bar magnets, 1 five inch horseshoe shape plastic magnet, 2 metal ring magnets, 100 magnetic paper clips, 10 marbles, and 7 magnetic wands. All of these magnets are enclosed in a durable storage box and are a great choice for any youngster seeking hands on exploration in the field of magnetism!

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10. Makedo Find & Make Plane

You don’t have to be an Orville Brother or Earhart to appreciate flight. In fact, all you really need to be is ingeniously frugal. Turn your (clean paper) trash into treasure with your child using the Makedo Find & Make Plane kit. This kit converts a cereal box into a flying aircraft using any of the 33 reusuable connector parts. This kit has one set of instructions, one safe saw, plane themes stickers, 15 re-clips, 15 re-clip pins, 2 lock-hinges and all the fun you can

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