This is one of the most beautiful infographics we’ve ever seen: a high resolution view of different levels of the universe. Our favorite parts are the jaw-dropping nebulae and then the point where you see the size of Pluto compared to Texas. Puts things into perspective. Try it out in full-screen mode:

Copyright 2012. Magnifying the Universe by Number Sleuth.

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To get started with the infographic, click on one of the nine entry point images. You will then be transported, sci-fi style, faster than the speed of light, to that location in the infographic. It’s fun to see all the objects speed by.

The slider at the bottom of the screen lets you move around from bigger to smaller and smaller to bigger. You can get as big as the entire observable universe or as small as the hydrogen atom’s proton nucleus.

And in between you see every day objects like animals and buildings and planets and stars.

Have fun with this!

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