Gorilla Mode has made a name for itself on the sports nutrition market, with its bold brand image and aggressive marketing. But does it live up to the hype? Will it turn you into a gym beast with the strength of 20 men? Brainz is going to find out. 

Initial Impressions of Gorilla Mode Pre Workout

Gorilla Mode may be trying a little hard with the packaging. It’s got the coolness factor of the raging Kong and the intense lettering, but it’s a kind of adolescent cool. It’s hard to picture a grown-ass man looking at the package and saying, “Yeah, that looks like a scientifically-proven product.” 

Open it up, and you’ll find a powder that clumps up a little more than we would like to see. Admittedly, the copy on the package does provide fair warning that the ingredients can clump. It’s just that, seeing the clumps compared to other fine-powder pre-workouts gives the impression that something is wrong. It’s not a good look. 

Energy Ingredients in Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Formula

  • Caffeine anhydrous 175 mg
  • N-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate 175 mg

Gorilla Mode implies some serious energy effects, so it’s a little surprising to see only 175mg of caffeine anhydrous. After all, a lot of pre-workouts go for 300mg or more, pushing the limits of the FDA recommended 400mg a day. By those standards, 175mg sounds weak.

But Gorilla Mode has another energy ingredient up its sleeve – N-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate. Paired with caffeine, this extract of the Eria Jarensis plant has some significant stimulant action. Some even refer to the feeling as “euphoric,” but we didn’t quite experience that. Maybe in a higher dose. 

Nootropic (Focus and Mood) Ingredients in Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout 

L-Tyrosine 750mg

Kanna 250mg 

Huperzine A 200mcg

A clear mind and total focus takes a good workout to a great workout. In fact, you might argue that mental clarity is key to peak performance. That’s why so many pre-workout formulas add in nootropics like L-Tyrosine, Kanna, and Huperzine A.

L-Tyrosine is one of the most common nootropics, noted for its effects on cognition and memory. But kanna, like N-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate above, is pretty unique to Gorilla Mode. Kanna is a succulent native to South Africa, and it may offer some benefits for focus, memory, and even reaction time – all excellent effects for an athlete who wants to take their workout to the next level and beyond. 

Anti-Fatigue Ingredients in Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout 

  • Malic acid 1500mg

Endurance is about more than getting through a hard workout before collapsing; it’s about beating back fatigue and recovering efficiently. Most pre-workout formulas use beta-alanine as their go-to anti-fatigue agent, but beta-alanine isn’t for everybody. Many people get a somewhat unpleasant tingling or itching sensation from it; in high doses, it can cause a skin-crawling feeling many users hate. 

Gorilla Mode avoids the beta-alanine itch by using malic acid, a supplement derived from apples and other fruit. It has much fewer side effects compared to beta-alanine, and it is known for reducing fatigue and speeding up recovery time for hard-hitting athletes.  

Pump and Blood Flow Ingredients in Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

  • L-Citrulline 4500 mg
  • Agmatine sulfate 500mg
  • GlycerPump™ 1500 mg

You’re not going to get into gorilla mode without a good pump and strong blood flow, and Gorilla Mode knows it. That’s why they include more pump-centric ingredients than the average pre-workout formula. L-Citrulline is the most common, though we have to say, 4500mg is well below the optimal 8g for a really strong pump. 

Agmatine sulfate is the second ingredient, and an optimal dose isn’t really clear from the research. It’s not at all clear what agmatine does, besides some analgesic properties and inhibiting nitric oxide synthase. 

Out of the pump ingredients, the least compelling is GlycerPump, a patented formula with 65% glycerol. The problem is, most research shows that a glycerol pump is more or less superficial – it doesn’t really benefit hydration or blood flow, just making your cells feel “full.” The pump ingredients for Gorilla Mode are a bit of a letdown for us, honestly. 

Strength Support & Body Composition Ingredients in Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout 

  • Creatine monohydrate 2500mg
  • Betaine anhydrous 1250mg

It wouldn’t be Gorilla Mode without a hefty dose of strength support ingredients, and GM’s pre-workout formula has it in spades. An optimal dose of 2.5g of creatine monohydrate provides users with explosive power and helps build muscle mass. Couple that with 1250mg of betaine anhydrous – commonly used for improving body composition and replacing fat with muscle – and you’ve got ample strength support for the heaviest lifting you can manage. 

Electrolyte Ingredients in Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

  • None

Gorilla Mode promises users the ingredients they need to go HAM in the gym, but they’re missing one key component – any sort of electrolyte or hydration support. Granted, most people in serious training are going to make sure their hydration is taken care of, but if you’re looking for an all-in-one pre-workout formula, Gorilla Mode might not be for you. 

The Extra Mile? Additional Pre-Workout Ingredients in Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout 

  • Bioperine™ (black pepper) 5mg

Gorilla Mode adds Bioperine black pepper extract their pre-workout formula, a supplement generally agreed to help with recovery. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make black pepper extract helpful for rebuilding tissues and inhibiting damage. It’s a smart addition to a formula that encourages you to be a little rough on yourself. 

Taste & Flavors of Gorilla Mode Pre Workout

We have to hand it to Gorilla Mode – they commit to the bit. With flavors like Tiger’s Blood, Bombsicle, Krush, and Volcano Burst, you kind of know what you’re getting. We tried Cherry. Sorry – “Cherry Blackout.” 

We can’t mince words. Gorilla Mode Cherry tasted terrible. It was unnaturally sweet at first, then extremely bitter and chalky. We can’t speak for the other flavors, but frankly, it was hard to get down. 

Who Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout is For

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout is for heavy lifters and Crossfitters who want energy, focus, and strength support and can handle the rest themselves. 

Who Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout is Not For

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout is not for a consumer who needs an all-in-one formula, since it lacks hydration support or adequate pump support. 

Potential Side Effects of Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout 

  • Agmatine and malic acid have been reported to cause stomach issues

Final Verdict 

Gorilla Mode can be proud of their market share, but as a pre-workout supplement, we have the impression that there’s a lot more flash than substance.


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