Beware Dynamic Pricing

There isn’t anyone on Earth that wouldn’t mind saving a couple of bucks here and there, right? These 20 shopping hacks will help you save money. In this list, you’ll find ten tips or hacks that you can use to be a smart shopper, and you’ll find ten apps or tools to help you make […]

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The Roll and Pour

Cooking is no easy task, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to cook very well or if you’re someone with a family to feed. Any utensil or gadget that pledges to make your time in the kitchen run by more smoothly probably sounds like music to your ears. Sadly, kitchen innovation has practically […]

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Justice League

Sometimes adult jokes get past censors. It is understandable, you can’t expect censors to be able to get the meanings of every joke in every cartoon. However, sometimes you just have to stop and wonder how some jokes were able to sail right over their heads due to being so unsubtle that the show’s writers […]

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