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The Most Popular Toys of All Time

Each and every year a barrage of new toys enter the market. As technology plays more of a role in the manufacturing process, these new toys become more unique and sophisticated. However, there is a distinct group of toys that are timeless, and have paved the way for the industry as we know it today.

There are many places where these classic toys can still be found. Here are a few popular sources that are regularly used by vintage toy seekers:
• Classic toys on eBay
• Vintage toy collectors
• Garage sales

Plenty of classic toys fall into the timeless category. However, only a few are widely recognized as the most influential. Below is a list of some of these classic toys that have debuted over the decades.

1. Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo was a very popular toy in the 1990s. The first couple of years after it was released, people fought to get the last available unit off of the store shelves, especially during the holiday season. In short, it was a stuffed version of the lovable Sesame Street character Elmo with an engineered chip in the stomach that would react to touch. Upon tickling Elmo's stomach, he would giggle and laugh.

2. Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies first appeared on the market in 1993. These seemingly simple toys were small-scale stuffed creatures filled with plastic beads, providing a unique feel. They quickly became a hit with children. However, what really set these toys off was the number of collectors chiming in to buy each new Beanie Baby release. Ty, the manufacturer of Beanie Babies, released limited edition designs at the height of the toys' fame that would go for thousands of dollars among collectors.

3. Super Soaker

The Super Soaker was introduced in 1993 by a NASA engineer who perfected the concept of water pump technology. The first model released could blast a stream of water up to 50 feet, making it an instant hit for children and adults alike.

4. Etch A Sketch

The Etch A Sketch made its mainstream début in the 1960s after being purchased from a private inventor by the Ohio Art Company. It quickly became a hit and was one of the most sought after holiday gifts of the year. It works by using a unique mixture of tiny plastic beads and aluminum powder being held to the screen by static electricity. The two knobs control the rods inside, which draw a line on the opposite side of the screen in either a horizontal or vertical direction.
In all, there have been some timeless favorites introduced to the toy industry over the past decades. Many of these toys are still sought after and purchased in online auction sites such as eBay. As they wait for the next big release in the toy industry, people can enjoy the timeless appeal of the classic toys which lead the way.

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