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Google's Latin Translator Falls Short

Today Google launched a latin translator with a "unique advantage" but fell short of its intended mark. The initial response from users indicates that though Google Translate offers a massive 50 language translation service, the Latin tool rarely deciphers information effectively.

Senior Google engineer Jakob Uszkoreit offered: "There are many Latin language learners. Over 100,000 American students take the National Latin Exam every year and many more learn Latin all [over] the world. And there is a wealth of information orignally written in it." Uszkoreit recommended using the Latin Translator to decipher key words and effectively convert Latin texts, philosophies, and scientific information into English.

Presently, Google's Latin Translator rates highly in terms of humor as developers perfect the program and, as Uszkoreit offers, "Most of the text that will ever be written in Latin has already been writte, and a comparatively large part of it has been translated in to other languages...We use these translations, found in books and on the web, to train our system."

In the meantime, to effectively translate Latin, go here: Translation Guide while Google works out the kinks.

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