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Makeup and Skin Care

Choosing the right makeup can be tricky. A wrong choice could really be disastrous. A makeup product which contains drying ingredients could make a person with dry skin appear to have face dandruff. What could be more embarrassing than dry skin peeling and falling off of your face all day? It definitely would not present a professional veneer at work. On the other hand, a person with oily skin would want to avoid make up which could make their skin even more oil prone. As excess oil production is one of the leading causes of acne break outs, this is something to be avoided.

There are certain requirements which all women, regardless of skin type, should seek from their make up products. Your face is one of the parts of your body most often exposed to the sun’s rays. As such, your face needs constant, year round protection from the damaging rays. Foundations are now produced with spf ingredients just for this purpose. Why choose a product which cannot protect your skin from the sun when there are so many which do? Applying sun protection everyday is a necessity. It protects your skin from premature aging and skin cancer. Using a foundation with spf included eliminates the need to apply two separate products.

Oily Skin

Foundation is often a staple of a woman’s make up regiment. A person with oily skin may shy away from using this helpful make up product though. Oily skin doesn’t always mesh well with foundation. It can make oily skin even shinier and magnify enlarged pores. Even worse still, oily skin can cause the foundation to darken throughout the day so it looks unnatural and uneven. Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you cannot use foundation. Cosmetic companies have finally realized women have different skin types which have different needs.

Find a full coverage foundation specifically formulated for oily skin. The oil control formula will help conceal unsightly blemishes or acne prone skin while absorbing and/or drying up the excess oil. A water based matte foundation is preferable. A person with oily skin shouldn’t use any type of oil based make up. Only apply a light coating of the foundation to limit the possibility of a mask like appearance. Apply with a make up sponge. Do not use your fingers to apply unless you want to rub the oil from your fingers into your oil prone skin.

Blush and powder foundation can be problematic if you use the wrong textured products. Pressed powder is the best option for both blush and a foundation finisher as it isn’t greasy and will not exacerbate a problem with oily skin. The powder you use after applying liquid foundation should be pressed powder. Pressed powder will keep your face smooth and your look even. This type of powder is oil free and will absorb excess oil. Do not use a cream or liquid blush. Stick with a pressed powder blush also. Additionally applying some of the pressed powder to your eye lids can help prevent oily skin from causing eye liners to run or form a new line in the crease of your eye lid.

A new ingredient in many cosmetics is salicylic acid. Cosmetic companies are including this acne fighting ingredient in much of their make up lines. Concealers with salicylic acid may not clear up your skin by itself, but it definitely helps to have this ingredient included in the make up products you apply to your skin. You can fight acne and cover it up at the same time. If you have oily skin, these medicated make up products are a great addition to your skin care regiment.

Dry skin

A woman with dry skin should always apply a moisturizer to his skin prior to applying makeup. Choose a moisturizer which won’t feel heavy on your skin and will dry quickly. Cosmetic companies offer dry skin foundations formulated for dry skin. Choose a foundation which is water based and contains moisturizers. Some foundations contain aloe vera which possesses many skin enhancing properties. Powder foundations are not recommended for dry skin. Stick with a cream foundation.

Blush and eye shadows come in a variety of forms. Fortunately for women with dry skin, there are many cream blushes and shadows. Creamy formulas will keep your make up from flaking and cracking and provide you with a flawless and even look. Even lipstick is now available in moisturizing formulas. As with foundation, you want to stay away from powder products. These types of cosmetics will not apply evenly and will flake off through out the day or evening.

Sensitive skin

It can be difficult to purchase make up products for sensitive skin. The ingredients included in cosmetics come from a wide range of sources. During the manufacturing process they can be exposed to various substances and fragrances which could be irritating to sensitive skin. What could be worse than spending $10 on a cosmetic only to have it break your skin out in red blotches or bumps?

Cosmetic counters in department stores are great places for women with sensitive skin to buy make up. The people who work in the cosmetic departments are generally very knowledgeable about the products they sell. They should be able to advise you which products are best for sensitive skin. They sometimes provide free samples and they allow you to sample the products at the counter before purchasing. You can wear the product out of the store and are then able to see whether your skin will have a bad reaction to the cosmetic.

If cosmetic counters are too expensive for your budget, you can avoid try to avoid a problem with cosmetics by selecting products which are made for sensitive skin. The new mineral make up is great for sensitive skin. Mineral make up is not supposed to contain any ingredients usually irritating for sensitive skin. Mineral make up is free of any dyes, fragrances, preservatives, alcohol, and talc. This line of cosmetics offers everything you need; from foundation to eye shadow to lip stick. Generally you should be able to purchase mineral make up with minimal concern of irritation to your sensitive skin.

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