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Best Online Colleges 2011

Today many people are choosing to get their degrees online. Figuring out the best option for such an education is not easy. As more and more schools offer online programs, it is becoming important to distinguish the best online colleges in terms of quality of education. That's why we put together this ranking of the top online schools.

While it is important that a good online college be accredited, there are many other factors to consider. Factors such as graduation rate, retention rate, student to teacher ratio and acceptance rate (more selective schools tend to be better) are all indicators of quality.

We've taken these and other factors into consideration in developing this top 10 list of the best online colleges of 2011:

Top 10 Online Schools of 2011

1. Penn State University World Campus
2. Boston University Online
3. Full Sail University Online
4. Saint Joseph’s University Online
5. Northeastern University Online
6. North Carolina State University Distance Education
7. Keiser University Online
8. Florida State University Online
9. Sullivan University Online
10. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Online

This list is based on data collected from the article Best Online Colleges & Universities of 2011 from the website The Best Colleges. To see rankings for fifteen additional schools and to understand the methodology used in the rankings plus detailed analysis and data, please refer to that article. We choose to use the data from their nicely researched article because it seemed to us to be the most objective, data based ranking of online colleges we could find.

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