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10 Creepiest Kids TV Shows of All Time

If you've raised kids, and allowed them to watch TV before the age of five, then shame on you. Just kidding;) Really, all of us parents know that there is a place for TV in parenting. Especially if you need a psychological break or if there's just one mom and multiple little ones. Assuming your little kids watch TV, you're bound to have experienced what all parents experience: those bizarre moments where the show just totally, and completely freaks your kid out. Sometimes for no apparent reason, but more often than not, because something very unnatural appears on screen. The sad thing is that this freakout inducing stuff is par for the course.

Thankfully the few blemishes in Go Diego, Go! don't compare to these ultra-creepy tv shows:

10. BooBah

9. Peppermint Park

8. Jay Jay The Jet Plane

7. Rupert The Bear

6. Pipkins

5. Dirtgirlworld

4. Terrahawks

3. Jigsaw

2. EI EI Yoga

1. Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson

Source: Top 10 Creepy Children’s TV Shows

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